In distressed situations where a company cannot honor its financial obligations, survival and the fate of employees lies at stake. Cashflow becomes a critical step in a company’s ultimate journey of returning to profitability. We offer expert advisory to stakeholders (debtors and lenders) on how to retain and increase value. We thorougly assess company’s books to ascertain immediate needs-short term liquidity requirements and recommends proper remedies.

In cases of excessive debt, we negotiate directly with creditors and suppliers to create acceptable flexible repayment plans to both parties. Moreso, we create contingency plans that details the financial direction for the company and the steps needed to achieve future success.

Companies after rendering their services to their clients mostly have to wait 30 or 60 or 90 days for payments. Waiting that long for payment can present working capital challenges to companies due to short term financial obligations. We understand these challenges and to improve working capital for our clients as against traditional loans, we provide advisory on invoice factoring for companies to sell their account receivables for immediate cash. We work in close collaboration with factoring and peer-to-peer-lending agencies in providing liquidity to struggling companies.