Government and Public Sector institutions have a duty to deliver on their commitments to their citizenry and communities in terms of sound policies, infrastructure projects and initiatives that seek to address and improve socio-economic challenges.

The Public Sector is steadily evolving due to changes in demands from citizenry, communities, technology and the environment. Novest Consulting Group helps Government and Public Sector institutions to recognize these changes and improve how they operate to be able to meet the expectations of stakeholders. We support Governments around the globe by drawing from our experiences and capabilities from both the Public and Private Sectors to transform and strengthen the sector to respond to today‚Äôs challenges. This transformation involves adapting to digitalization, agility and responsiveness to stakeholder needs.

Our advisory solutions include:

  • Economic Development
  • Decentralisation Reforms
  • Revenue Mobilisation
  • Education
  • Training of Workforce
  • Community & Infrastructure
  • Defense
  • Environment and Resource Management
  • Healthcare